My Approach to Therapy

I have developed a unique way of working that has come about as a result of training and development in a variety of fields, as well as my own personal transformation journey over the course of the last 15 years.

My programs are based around individual one-on-one sessions, one-day workshops, 12 week programs and art expression workshops. I also offer membership in monthly circles that provide supportive connection within a community setting.


Detect the Underlying Issue…


Deactivate it…


an alternative way of thinking & being.


My therapeutic method is a combination of professional training in grounded scientific understanding from holistic counselling, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, EFT (tapping), pastoral care, and energy work in; Reiki, Integrative Quantum Medicine, spiritual connection and energetic intuition.

This combination makes for a unique and comprehensive form of therapy that allows me to work on multiple planes and be very specific to your individual needs. What this means for you is that whatever situation it is you come to see me about, I will be able to assist you in working through and resolving. While energetic work and spirituality forms a significant part of my therapy, I am also a grounded real-life therapist.

My own personal journey involved exploring a variety of the above modalities in order to work through many significant life changes and challenges and is why I went on to study and practice in this field.