A NATURAL FIT – Walk and Talk

Working through an issue while at the same getting some fresh air and exercise is the objective of this form of therapy. While it is a relatively new concept, it has become quite popular due to it being a less confrontational way of discussing sensitive topics when the focus is on the surroundings as opposed to sitting opposite a therapist in a room. Those experiencing anxiety report that it is much easier for them to work with a therapist while walking.

Walking can also help ground you, making you feel less anxious and scattered. It also increases creativity, self-awareness and a more positive feeling. The distraction of the environment can also allow for more clarity as you can more easily tune into your issues.

I also have a lovely garden setting to allow us to sit in nature in privacy during our session. The alpha waves of energy emitted by plants are a lower vibration than our normal operating state, allowing you to naturally feel more relaxed just by being immersed in these surroundings.